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Welcome to Online Services

Currently our online services include claiming your Home Owner Grant, viewing the details of your property tax account and purchasing a Tax Certificate. You cannot pay your property taxes on this site, however most financial institutions offer the ability to pay your taxes online.


  • You will need your property tax notice with your roll number and your access code in the upper right hand corner. If you do not have your notice, please contact the City Office at 250.427.5311 to obtain your access code.
  • Click the button below to claim your grant. 
  • The jurisdiction number will default to 215 - City of Kimberley.
  • Enter the roll number (8 digits following the 215, including the decimal) and your access code from your property tax notice.  Click claim Home Owner Grant.
  • The Home Owner Grant claim form will display.
  • Complete the Home Owner Grant form and click claim.  A confirmation will appear, click cancel to edit or okay to continue. Once your application has been submitted you can print a copy for your records by clicking the print button.


Click here to apply for Home Owner Grant.



You can view details of your property tax account including assessments and billing summaries if you are registered.  You will need your roll number and your access code from the upper right hand side of your property tax notice. 

  • To register select "Link & Register" at the top of the screen and click on the "Show Me How" button.
  • Select account type PT-Property taxes (at the present time we only offer online services for property taxes), for the account group choose 215 - City of Kimberley.  
  • Use the 8 digits after the 215 of your roll number (including the decimal) and access code from your property tax notice for the roll and access code fields. Click Continue.
  • You may add more than one property tax account by going to My Profile and selecting the account type under "Need to Add an Account?". 
  • To view your property tax account place your cursor over the online services tab above the City logo and click on property taxes.


We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal financial information. This is a secure site.



  • BC Online - If you are already a customer of BC Online, login and select Tax Certificates Online from the main menu. For more information about BC Online or to become a customer, visit www.bconline.gov.bc.ca
  • APIC - If you prefer to pay for the Tax Certificate by credit card, please visit www.apicanada.com to open an account and order your Tax Certificate.